The Importance of an OEM Certified APU Stand

Do You 'Stand' With The Best Or Ship Like The Rest?

Whether factory-new or as-removed, an auxiliary power unit purchase is an investment and one of the fastest ways to waste asset value is not taking the proper precautions of quality shipping methods. The auxiliary power unit stand selection is just as important as the rest of the procurement process as it could turn a simple test and re-cert into drastic repair costs. An original equipment manufacturer APU stand will not only eliminate the risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars but provide buyers a peace of mind for safe and secure shipping.

The use of a non-OEM certified APU stand often means the stand equipment may be poorly fabricated, made with cheaper/thinner metal, deficient welding, insecure inside shipping crate, or all the above. Tag Aero has had multiple encounters with customers experiencing the damaging effects of improperly transporting an APU.     

In the stand photos above there a is clear indication of bending, twisting, cracking, and dismounting during transit. This is what could happen when you ship with a non-OEM certified stand.

To be sure your stand is of OEM standard your supplier should be able to provide a Certificate of Conformity which ensures your stand conforms to manufacturer specifications, standards, and has passed all tests. An OEM certified stand guarantees asset safety through significant features such as the .095 ASTM A500 Mechanical tubing, durable chemical resistant shock absorbers engineered to support specific engine model, precision machined stainless steel engine mounts, hardware, and assembly plate. Stands are manufactured and calibrated to meet unique dimensions of engine mounting points. Tag Aero has GTCP131-9A and 9B OEM stands available with respective boxes that the stands are effectively bolted to for secure attachment during both transit and storage

Air Ride

Another extremely important shipping decision is the method of transit. Air ride suspension provides the safest option for freight as the shock absorbency ratio is much higher than standard suspension systems. During air ride shipping the truck trailer essentially floats on a compressed bag of air as opposed to the standard steel spring. This compressed air bag eliminates jolting and telescoping damage from rough movement. Air ride ensures buyers their APU travels the smoothest ride possible.