Who We Are

TAG Aero is a team of young aviation professionals seeking to disrupt the status quo of the industry. We are a niche-driven supplier of APUs, APU materials and services. We won’t claim our expertise extends from nose to tail, and that’s OK. We simply focus on what we are most knowledgeable and passionate about—APUs.

  1. Established 2012
  2. Location South Carolina
  3. Headerquarter Size 50,000 sq/ft

APU's Processed


Aircraft Models Supported

125+ Years

Combined Aviation Experience

The TAG Aero Difference

We are a company that’s comfortable being different. Instead of offering a broad range of product lines and services, we specialize in doing one thing extremely well — APUs. While other companies may compete to be the biggest, we compete to be the best. We believe that quality over quantity will be the ultimate driver of growth. We work to create an easy, go-to name in APUs. TAG Aero exists to provide quality materials, APUs, and APU services with a stress-free experience. We envisage a source for APUs that you can choose, knowing that each part of the process will be handled correctly and quickly.

TAG Aero’s dedication to detailed and prompt service lead it to quickly grow over 4,000% from its first year in 2012 to 2014. With such a bright future, TAG Aero expanded its offered materials and service to include not only APU’s sales but created a leasing pool to support its customer base.

Our Team